…done…4.43 pm

September 20, 2007

well, that takes care of 23 things…

I knew pretty much all of this already so there wasn’t much point in it for me, in terms of it being a useful professional development exercise.  I have studied the theory behind the emergence and use of a lot of the technologies included in 23 things when I did my Masters a few years back…so to be honest I didn’t get a lot out of this exercise…which isn’t to say it isn’t a very worthwhile and fun PD activity for those who are less familiar with new media technologies and their applications…good luck folks!


Second Life…4.39 pm

September 20, 2007

..get a first one maybe?

here is a blog on the library IN Second Life – a place called Info Island

I really don’t understand this concept- I can’t imagine it to have any lasting benefit to society…unless as a forum for sociology students to research personality disorders or something…

podcasts…4.35 pm

September 20, 2007

…of course there is the wonderful copyright podcast available here

… it will open in Windows Media Player if you are listening to it at work

YouTube videos…4.31 pm

September 20, 2007

here are some YouTube links re libraries…enjoy 🙂

pets photos on library wiki…4.26 pm

September 20, 2007

…you can see my pet photos (for my cats Amos and Sabre and my turtle Snappy) here

Library 2.0…4.24 pm

September 20, 2007

…I’ve been reading about this so called ‘movement’ for a while now…some good resources for this are:

del.icio.us…4.07 pm

September 20, 2007

OK..so now I’ve just signed up for del.icio.us…and even installed the Firefox extension app…

…so go here to see my del.icio.us bookmarks…which are really very dull

iGoogle…4.06 pm

September 20, 2007

…so basically iGoogle  is trying to convince us all that we NEED to have it as our browser home page….you know it is just a  ploy to improve their advertiser rates, don’t you? iGoogle doesn’t do anything other than help Google make more money people…wake up and smell the coffee…

Google Book Search…3.59 pm

September 20, 2007

…this is rubbish…half the books you’d want to see on there aren’t (for obvious copyright reasons)…and the ones that are on there are from very ordinary looking editions…plus reading books on computers is an awful experience…THAT WILL NEVER CATCH ON…

…this site could be good for finding book reviews, however…such as this search that I just did

Google Docs & Spreadsheets…3.52 pm

September 20, 2007

…haven’t really used these before…don’t think I will bother to in the future…I don’t quite get the point….?

On second thoughts,  maybe this could be useful for collaborative work? Anyway, here is a document I made using this service.